Monday, July 31, 2006

Hello, Again!

Hello to anyone who may still be stopping by here to see if I'm alive. Sorry for the long silence but life . . . well, life has been happening, I guess.

I will explain . . . no, there is no time. I will sum up:

1. I became a vegetarian (lost 25 lbs. so far!)
2. Work exploded (Went into major stress meltdown)
3. I went camping for a week (saw many bears up close!)
4. I was rear-ended in my car (completely totalled, but I wasn't hurt.)
5. The Wife and I almost divorced
6. The Wife and I made up
7. I gave The Wife a hicky (first one in 15+ years!)
8. Went to a family reunion
9. Went to a funeral
10. Got to some minor work on the house
11. Saw an 18-wheeler run over a honda civic (while talking to the cop about MY accident!)
12. Walked ten feet behind a Doe and her fawn for nearly a half-mile
13. Shot some black-powder muskets
14. Swam in a mountain lake and saw stars so bright they defy description
15. Had a long conversation with my boy about his future (He wants a Navy career)
16. I lost $1,000 dollars on a kitchen table return and bought a new one
17. I bought a 42" plasma TV
18. I'm going out tonight to buy a new vehicle
19. I got sunburn on top of my bald head (OUCH!)
20. I've changed inside myself somehow (not sure how yet but I am a different person than I was just a few short weeks ago.)

So, there's where I've been in a nutshell. I haven't written a word in a month but that's okay. I want to get back to writing but the pressure of: "I have to do it, time's running out on me!" seems to have faded away (for the moment, anyway) and I'm cool with that. I intend to write and to keep this blog going, but -as I said earlier- Life happens.


Friday, July 07, 2006

Friday Quickie

Howdy, all! Hope you all had a great holiday weekend. Mine was reasonable. For the most part I was working on the house. I got the last major construction project done this weekend: I installed a new floor in my kitchen. Other than that, it was a lot of moving things about, putting in doorknobs, etc. Mostly minor stuff. I’m not even sure I remember half of what I did; the first three days of the long weekend are a total blur. (Damn! I’m too YOUNG for senior moments!!!) The 4th itself was cool though, I simply took the day off and we vegged as a family all day. My boy put on the LOTR dvd’s (extended editions, of course!) and we had a 12+ hour Tolkien marathon. It was a great way to simply relax and unwind with the family. We all just sprawled on the couch and enjoyed the day.

The rest of the week has been crazy. I had three new hires to train at work every day and in the evenings, my wife has been making me nuts about our kitchen table. We bought a beautiful table about a month back but it’s been sitting in the living room, waiting until I got all the work in the kitchen done before we moved it into place. Well, the kitchen floor was the last thing to do, so we moved the table in and The Wife says: “It’s too big.” (sigh) I don’t agree with her but I’ve long since given up trying to win battles like this so I tell her to return it if she wants. Problem is, the store has a 14 day return policy and we’ve has the table for a month now. They finally agree to take it back but with a 25% re-stock fee (nearly $1,000 – Yea, it’s an expensive table.) so we trundle back to the store to find a new table (which of course means more argument with The Wife!) and finally decide on having the store’s carpenters cut down the original table because that will cost less than the re-stock fee. We leave and everbody’s happy. End of story, right? Wrong! Yesterday The Wife changes her mind once again and wants a different table, AND different chairs. (sigh, again) I told her she could do whatever she wants so long as she leaves me the hell out of it! I don’t wanna even hear the word “table” until the new one shows up at the door.

Haven’t done any work on “First” this week but I’ve been making good progress on editing “Fish”. I’m through the first 150 pages or so and moving steady so that’s something.

Well, I still have trainees in, so I gotta run, my break’s about over. Have a good weekend, all.