Monday, October 10, 2016

Dare, or Dread, To Dream?

Sometimes, dreams are a great place to start a story. Oh, I don't mean in dream sequences within the book itself (I generally hate those!) but rather, within the dreams of the author themselves. Case in point, I had a particularly vivid dream the other night, one in which a voice over the telephone said something to me which (while awesomely creepy) made no sense to me, neither in the dream nor when I woke. Yet, the words (which I shan't share with you yet!) stayed with me for three straight days and I've begun to build an entire book outline off of that one sentence. One signle sentence and I'm off and running on a new book!

It's actually quite unusual for me (not the dream, I have lots of those) but the story outline: it's an urban fantasy/paranormal thriller type of thing. I've always tried to stick with fantasy, cuz that's what I mostly read, but I've been struggling with my fantasy works (a lot!) and I'm wondering if branching into a new arena like this might work better for me. In any event, I'm working along those lines and having some fun with this new concept. I'll let ya know how it all goes!